Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Living in the Sticks!

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I've been checking on getting DSL(I'm on dial-up)...... But every company that I have checked with, says I'm "out of the loop"....
So frustrating!

I probably could get some sort of satelite, but I'm sure that would be pricey..
I guess I've gotten by this long, I'll get along a little longer..

This is just something I'll have to live with..I'm sure there are worse things that could happen..
I'm thankful.. really.
It could always be

End of rant....

I hope your Wednesday and the rest of the week is an easy one..
Have a Happy Day!


rebecca said...

can you get cable in your area? i found it worked just as well as DSL.

i love my DSL to be honest, but dial-up can be frustrating.

so...maybe try to check out cable?

have a great rest of the week!

Angela said...

I was just about to suggest the same thing as Rebecca: Cable Internet.

It's actually faster than DSL and the cost can be comparable to DSL if it is packed with your cable TV.

Good luck and have a great day (and week!). :)

Indelibrella said...

Nice place! Looks very peaceful...

I'd love to live in the country but I'm a bit spoiled by the conveniences. I guess it's a trade-off, like everything else! :o)

Miss 1999 said...

What a beautiful home! I know what ya mean about living in the sticks, though. I grew up in the sticks. It was YEARS before we got cable-- and my parents still don't have city water. I remember what a fight it was to determine who got to take a shower at what time. Anyways, best of luck at getting DSL *hugs*

Mississippi Songbird said...

I'm checking into the cable..although I've heard it's high..
I may be pleasantly surprised..

But...we didn't get cable TV until

Thanks for the comments, Sweet Peeps!