Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Time To Sit on the Porch.......

Okay, I've got Cable Internet!!!!! YEAHhhhhh!!!!!!!!! It's great.. I can see pictures better, listen better.. things download faster. I have a bunch of songs from friends that I want to download and put on CD's.. This is great!..

The weather was wonderful today. I sat outside on the front porch a few times today..
It's just so peaceful... The kids have gone to church and will be home around 7:30pm.

Wednesday nights are mine to relax, and do what I want to..I really enjoyed the day off..
My friend, Lexie was talking about wonderful things being "manna from heaven". I've had lots of it today..
Thank you, Lord for this great day...

I hope all of you are doing good and have lots of manna to be thankful for..



Indelibrella said...

YAY!!! Aren't the little things in life great?

Miss 1999 said...

How wonderful! I just love sitting on the porch, that's one of my favorite things to do, especially in the spring, and the fall! Glad to hear you've got cable internet now, it makes life so much easier!

You know, I was thinking tonight at church, just how blessed I am, with all of the things I do have in this life. Life is good! :0)

rebecca said...

wooohooooo!! :)

Angela said...

Congrats on getting cable internet! Isn't it great?

Today was a great day to sit on the porch. Too bad I was at work staring out the window instead. :)

Melanie said...


sighs. you are going to be much happier now. :clap:

enjoy it! :hugs:

newwavegurly said...

I wish I had a porch to sit on. I miss doing that.

But welcome to the world of cable internet! I know it will make your web surfing needs a whole lot more pleasant.

Cheryl Wray said...

YAY about your cable internet!!! Now you need wireless!! Because you can sit on the porch--or anywhere!!--and get online!!
Love the porch picture!!
We are having gorgeous weather too! Up to 68 today!!! I love it!