Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stormy Thursday

We've got the storms all around today. It's not cold at all. There are tornado watches/warnings around the North Mississippi area until 6PM this evening. My heart goes out to the people in Enterprise,Alabama. A tornado hit a high school just a little while ago. There are 15 people at the high school dead from that..In the state,there are a total of 18 people dead so far. Some are still trapped under the rubble.

It's been an unusual day. I went to purchase a newspaper and in the stack, someone had removed the front page off of every one of them. I wonder why?...Could it have anything to do with an upcoming election, and one of our elected officials being thrown in jail? His photo was on the front page of the papers I had seen earlier.
I told the newspaper office. They gave me another paper. This one had the front page.
In such a small town, wonder what the idiot that stole the front pages off the papers was thinking? Don't they know that word travels fast...even without newspapers?

I just thought it was funny..

My daughter did reach her goal for the Jump rope for Heart.. This included the on-line contributions AND the ones that were given and mailed to us. Thanks to all of you that helped.. It's a great cause...

Well, I better close for now..
Have a good Thursday evening...



Miss 1999 said...

We've been getting the nasty rain here, too :0( Hoping it will stop, we're supposed to go tubing with the kids from church on saturday. I'm cracking up over your front page of the paper-- That's definitely something!

PS: So glad to hear your daughter reached her goal, that's wonderful!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh boy did we have a bad weather day here!! We had several smaller tornadoes around us and we watched the weather all afternoon and evening. I'm just SO sad about those poor kids and families in Enterprise. All of us in Alabama are definitely praying for them and we appreciate yours too!
So glad that you stayed safe!!!

Angela said...

I'm glad the really bad weather didn't hit you guys. I feel bad for all those poor people in Alabama and south Georgia and anywhere else that got hit bad.

That's funny about the newspaper. It really makes you wonder!

Also, congrats on your daughter reaching her goal!

Melanie said...

sorry to hear about the tornadoes. Yikes. And the newspapers... didn't anyone see this happening? How funny! Like they are going to be hidden forever...

i hate politicians. So many of them are self absorbed greedy a**hats.

Congrats to your daughter. :clap: