Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Toyota Comes To Mississippi ...

Toyota said it would invest $1.3 billion to build its eighth North American assembly plant in Blue Springs, Miss., just outside Tupelo in northeastern Mississippi.
The plant will build the Toyota Highlander, a crossover vehicle, and will employ 2,000 workers. Production is expected to begin in 2010, and reach 150,000 vehicles each year.
The 1,700-acre site was promoted vigorously by the state.

Everyone is excited about this. It's only 33 miles away from where I live. The news has already prompted other companies to start building in the area, which means more jobs, more homes,more businesses.. Our area has been a depressed area for a while.
It's so good to see hope in the peoples eyes again. It's a couple of years away, but the announcement has already started to strengthen the surrounding areas.
This is good..

Well, The weather around here is absolutely GORGEOUS!. I getting ready to plant some tomato plants and flowers.
My son's signed up for the ballteam. We have the fishing rodeo coming up for the kids.. Lots of things on the calender. I may not be around the computer as much.
I hope all of you are ready for a wonderful sprintime. I know I sure am..
Have a Happy rest of the week..



Angela said...

That's great news! It'll definately stregnthen the economy in the area.

I sure can tell spring is amoung us, thanks to my sinuses! :)

Hope you have fun with all the stuff on your calander!

Miss 1999 said...

How WONDERFUL! It's so great when industry moves it, I know it will definitely help out a lot of families. Glad to hear you've been enjoying some nice weather, I'm SO looking forward to spring here! *hugs*