Sunday, April 15, 2007

Recipe Contest !

Okay, This is a plug for some products that I sell.... but it's a recipe contest. and I know I have lots of friends that love to cook...Here is a chance to show one of your many talents...

You are not obligated to anything , in anyway to enter.. AND..You could win some neat stuff.....

Enter your favorite recipe using current Watkins Products in Watkins' First-ever GOOD TASTINGS RECIPE DRAWING

Prizes :

First Place : Kitchen Aid Mixer and $200 US/$250 CDN in Free Watkins products
Second Place : $150 US/ $190 CDN in Free Watkins products
Third Place : $100 US/ $125 CDN in Free Watkins products

To qualify for the drawing, recipes must:
* Contain 10 or fewer ingredients
* Utilize at least 2 current Watkins products
* Include complete recipe information with ingredients and accurate measurements
* Be free of any copyright restrictions*

(* they can't be from a published book,magazine or copyrighted product label)

Recipes must be received by April 30,2007.
Please reference My name ( Stephanie Jackson) and associate # 367131 Here is the link to fill out the application with your recipe....
Good Luck! Just copy and paste the address below....

Or click below near the bottom of the page..where it says Enter recipe drawing here..


Miss 1999 said...

Holy Moley! Those are some nice prizes! If only I cooked, and/or had recipes! I might haveta check out my Momma's recipe box for this situation! *hugs*

Phoenix said...

Hi there - thanks so much for the comment on my blog... I am going to spend some time reading you but I have a feeling I am going to enjoy your blog as well (c:

Angie said...

What's cooking? I see you can cook. How I wish I can, too. Thanks for dropping my at my blog and for the compliment. You got nice ones here. Happy cooking!

Cheryl Wray said...

I will definitely go check this all out! I love to cook, so maybe I can come up with something!

JennaG said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for stopping by my place. I appreciate the attention.

I wish I was a better cook.
I'll scroll down and see if I find some wonderful easy recipes.