Friday, May 25, 2007

Cabin By The Lake......( Sounds like a horror

Well, We've got a cabin rented for the weekend. My kids and husband went down last night, and I will join them after work this evening.I plan on doing as little as possible.Lots of sun.. They have the 4-wheelers and they Have trails for them to ride. There is a fishing pier right there.... Mainly, I just need the R & R..
Luckily, they have DIRECT TV in the
( Not really roughing it).
I hope all of you have a blessed and safe Memorial Day Weekend. The fact that the cabin is not too far away is good, because there won't be too much holiday driving.

Trace State Park offers a quiet, natural retreat located just minutes from Tupelo, one of Mississippi's fastest growing cities. Trace State Park offers a variety of outdoor activities ranging from fishing and water sports to exploring miles of secluded nature trails.
We've been there before and did some kayaking and fishing. That was fun..
I'm packing the stuff now, that they forgot
Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone...
bunches of hugs.....


Cheryl Wray said...

AAhh...that sounds wonderful!!! Have a great weekend by the lake!!

rebecca said...

sounds like a lovely, lovely time. i'm so happy you can do this and enjoy yourself completely!!

One Wacky Mom said...

Wow, do you actually do this stuff? I mean do you set the table like this all the time? I wish you were my mom and I'm gonna come live with you. I don't wanna be a mom about if you mother me?


But, I am so impressed that you do this and its so much fun to see someone who can! You relax me!

I'm going to put you on my blogroll..and link in for a few reasons. I'm old so I can't remember where to go...if you're on my blogroll..I just hit the button and bingo I come to your place.

And here's the reality..I need things to make my life less complicated! You are so really are!

So I hope you'll reciprocate with the link in. If not, I get it...I'm too crazy for your friends.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Wackymom...I would be delightet to add you to my blog list..

Chavi said...

Well said.