Sunday, June 03, 2007

Let's see......

It's been a week.. Yes..
I've been sick with the pink eye since I got back from the cabin and the lake.
I don't know how I managed to get through the short week at work, but I did..
I am feeling better today. We are supposed to go see Shrek the Third today.
It was sold out when we went week before last, so we saw Spiderman Three instead, which was a good flick..

Since the kids are out of school, We have things planned.. I am started to get them ready for their Camps. Kristen is going to Centri-Kid and Jonah is going to Youth Camp.
There are websites on line that show all about them..
They are going with our church groups..

I have to get Kristen's care package in the mail. I always send them one, so they have mail when they get to camp. I usually fill a box with goodies, so they can have it in the dorm room. ( She will be at Mississippi College).

This is Jonah's first year at Youth Camp in Georgia.
(He usually goes to Centri-Kid..)
They have such a wonderful time. They have all kinds of activities, and swimming and rock wall climbing.. They love the fellowship with other Christian kids.. and they have celebration every morning, where they sing..

Jonah likes the fact that they can eat anything in the
Well, I guess I better get dressed.
I slept in today.. Trying to feel better. I'm so glad it's sunny outside. I hope all of you have a Happy Week...
Bunches of hugs.....


Indelibrella said...

Steph, I'm glad you're feeling better. Pink-eye does NOT sound like fun. :o(

I love Shrek, not much of a movie goer tho, so will wait 'til it's on DVD.


rebecca said...

oh i didn't know you were sick! *hug*

some of my best memories of my youth are from christian youth group, and youth camp in my childhood.

Miss 1999 said...

Ugh! Pink eye! I'm SO sorry!!! It's been years since I've had it, and I feel your pain. I woke up with my eyes matted together, and thought I was blind! My poor Momma had to come wash them with a warm wash cloth so I could open them *L*

I do hope you're feeling better! I bet the kids will have a great time at camp. I never got to go, but always wanted to.

Take care of yourself-- sorry I haven't been by much lately. I haven't been on a lot, but I've thought about ya! *Hugs*

Cheryl Wray said...

Sounds like the kids will have a fun summer!!! I also am trying to plan some fun stuff for all of us!! it' s always a challenge, isn't it?
Hope Shrek was good!!

Chris Morton said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thx for checking out my blog and're the first!

As for pink eye, dump the contents of a golden seal capsule into a cup of warm water, then dip a washcloth in the water and lay it on the infected eye. Do this a couple of times a day and the pink eye will miraculously clear up in no time! Also, note that pink eye is passed by way of door handles, etc., so frequent hand washing and disinfecting door/car handles, et al., is in order. > Chris