Friday, July 27, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

We've been busy around here.School starts August 6th...We have to get school supplies, school clothes, Kristen an eye exam, Jonah is in the play"Grease" so we will be at rehearsals for that starting Tuesday night almost every night thru the production.. I've got to find him a suit coat for the prom scene. He'll be dancing with a girl and he is happy/
He likes being around all those teenagers though... Kristen is going to help during the play with the set and stage stuff. She's stage crew... Our county fair is that same week, so we'll have to sneak that into our schedule. I just got a new day planner, and it's already getting filled up.
We have my husband's family reunion this Sunday, so I have to figure out what to take. Usually I take a picnic basket filled with different dishes. It's all pot luck and we always have so many there..I've been looking through my recipes. I already know I will bring garden veggies cut up on a tray, and 2 of my chocolate pies..Kristen wants to make a dish, so we are trying to plan what she can take... It looks like my husband will be home for this reunion.Usually the kids and I have to go alone, because he is on the road.

Well, I may not be blogging much the next few weeks.. I've had some trouble with writing a blog, then it would be lost.. Hoepfully, I can get this one to publish..
Have a great weekend!

bunches of hugs....

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