Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Anniversaries!

Yesterday, I had two anniversaries. One was my Wedding anniversary . We've been married 14 years now. Time sure does fly. The kids were asking me yesterday to tell them how their father and I met. Well, It was at church.
I had just joined the church, and he had only joined about a month or so before me.
It was a Sunday, when I sang a special. My friend, Clara had invited me to her church, and I had been going a few Sundays.

After the service, He came up to me and told me he enjoyed my song.. He was a very handsome man. About 6 ft, slender and dark headed. Of course, he caught my eye.
I didn't see a wedding ring at all, but you know that doesn't mean anything. He was alone that day, as far as I knew.

I went home and called my friend, Clara. I asked her who he was. All I remember was shaking his hand and saying Thank You. I kidded with her, that I had found the man I'm going to marry..
I never had said anything like that before, so that was really funny for me..Afterall, I didn't even know his name or if he was single for that matter.. Of course, I was just kidding to

The next Sunday, I was in a line at the church and this really cute 14 year old girl came up to me with her friends.. They were giggling, and told me they loved my song last Sunday..THEN, She came right out and asked me if I would go on a date with her daddy?

I got tickeled, and the girls were still giggling.. I asked her who her daddy was and was he single? ( You never know what these kids will
He then walked up, with a smile on his face.

We had our first date the next evening...

So I told Kristen and Jonah to tell Kelly Thank you, next time they see her, because, without her asking me out for her dad, They might not even be here...
Okay.. There's a memory for the kids..
hope all of you have a wonderful week..

My other anniversary is my 2 year anniversary as a registered user on RADIO PARADISE>
You gotta check that place out, if you are not already addicted..

Bunches of Hugs!


rebecca said...

2 very happy anniversaries, sweetness!

and may you have many, many more.

Indelibrella said...

Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more happy years together! :o)

Mississippi Songbird said...

Thanks, Rebecca and Kathy..
Bunches of hugs..

Cheryl Wray said...

Ahh...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! (even though it's a little late!)
I love to hear about how couples met, and your story is so sweet!!!