Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tagged By One Wacky Mom!...

One Wacky mom has a terrific blog and I've been fortunate to be tagged by her..
she is at :
She asked me to list 5 links, so here they are:
1. Link about family... My Mom's Cookbook. http://mommascookbook.blogspot.com/( see the side links in this blog)This is a memorial of sorts to her. She passed away in January, and I got her cookbook. I'm putting those recipes on this blog..
This place is so cool....You just have to check it out...
3. Link about me.. Here, Of course...lol, and you can check out my Watkins blog too. http://watkinsproductsmississippisongbird.blogspot.com/ I put recipes and such there.
4. Link about something I love ....... Well, I love lots of things, but not things... I like swimming, singing, music.... so that one is sort of har to come up with. I might at a later date...
5. Link about anything I want..
Well, I like to get games on Yahoo.. so Yahoo is cool.

Okay.. Mine are sort of lame.. but..oh well..
Thanks, again, Wacky mom.. for tagging me..

Now I have to tag five:
http://miss1999.blogspot.com/ Miss 1999

Visit those blogs to see what their cool links are..They have really cool blogs....\\Bunches of hugs..

( Gee.. I hope I did this right..lol)

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Cheryl Wray said...

What a fun tag!! And I'm gonna go check all of the bloggers you tagged too. I don't know a couple of them!!