Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Year ago Today.....

It was a year ago today, that My Momma had a stroke, that subsequently took her life 11 days later.. It's hard to go through this day, without thinking about it,so I thought I would write about it.. Thank you for listening.I feel that this is part of the grieving process. It stills hurt sometimes, like it was yesterday, but it has eased as far as how often. If I think about it, It's like I go back in time.. I'm trying to hear her voice in my mind,so that I don't ever forget how it sounded. I keep her picture in the window sill in my kitchen.I see her every morning..
Sometimes, I think of little songs she would sing to me and the kids, when we were laughing and goofing around..I had started a scrapbook, right after she died. I'm only half way through it.. I guess that will take me some time..One thing about it, I can hear her telling me how much she loved me.. We never left each other or hung up the phone without telling each other this..

Anyway.. Thanks for listening. I hope all of you have a blessed weekend.. It's been a beautiful day..

Bunches of hugs!

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and Thank you, Renie for the bloggaholic


Renie Burghardt said...

Dear Stephanie,

A year isn't a very long time, so, of course you are still grieving. It's always sad when we lose a loved one. I'm glad you are comforted by the good memories, and by the love you had for each other. You will always miss your Momma, but her love will sustain you. Your Momma's love will always be there for you. Always!

Have a blessed Sunday.



PS. When you are more up to it, please pick up the Blogoholic Award and post it on your lovely blog. I would love all my blogging friends who visit, to have it. We're all blogoholics. :-)

Mississippi Songbird said...

Thank you, Renie

I will. and bunches of hugs..

Nonna said...

I just popped over for a visit. You have some very nice blogs. That was a very nice post about your mom. I hope you have a blessed weekend!

LZ Blogger said...

I am so sorry that you lost your mom less than a year ago now. I lost both of my folks within a year of each other. I think my dad just lost the will to live after mom passed away. I was telling an old friend of mine that my folks passed away within a year of each other and then I asked about her folks... she told me that her dad had a heartache and died in the morning and the very same day her mom died of a stroke. I told her "that is BOTH the sweetest and saddest story I've ever heard." ~ jb///

Mississippi Songbird said...

oh, that is so sad, LZ... My Daddy is still living, but he sort of abandoned us kids after his second marriage. I have tried to contact him, but I always get the answering machine and unanswered cards and letters..
But that's a wholenother story.. Thanks for the comment.. Have a great rest of the weekend..

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Blessings and hugs to you.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello there, I came over to say thank you for your visit today and for taking time out to leave me a comment. So Thank you.
I have found a very nice place here and I will need to call back soon.
All the very best to you and yours

Mississippi Songbird said...

Thanks, Tom, and Nick and Nnonna!
Blessing to you and bunches of hugs...

Indelibrella said...

God bless you in your grieving. Your Momma looked like a wonderful person. Just know that she is with the Lord! What an awesome comfort.

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Stephanie,
"THANK YOU" for stopping by and visiting me on my last couple of post's. "THANK YOU" also for the kind and encouraging words you left me. I so appreciate it very much. I have Family in Mississippi. I have some cousins and Uncle's and Aunts in and around the Aberdeen area. I'm sorry for the loss of your Mother a year ago. I know you are still grieving her death, but GOD will see you thru this. I still have both of my Parents, so I can't say I know what it means to lose a parent, but I have lost some close relatives in the past and it is hard to lose someone you love. I will keep you in my prayers that GOD will give you a peace that you will know and feel. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. I do hope you will come back and visit when you have time. You are Welcome at my place anytime.

Karen H.

hippochick said...

It's been twelve years since my mom passed away. There are still things that happen and my first thought is "I have to tell Mom".

I'm so glad you have such wonderful memories. I do too. Also,I am so very blessed to have the best mother in law in the world. She is 93 and still going strong.

Thanks for sharing with us today.

Lisa said...

Mt heart goes out to you. The scarp booking is a great Idea. Your Mother was beautiful and will always close in your heart!

Midlife Mom said...

HI, So glad you stopped by to visit me, I always love new folks coming by! Your mother was beautiful and I'm sure it was inside as well as outside. Having never lost a parent yet I certainly can't begin to know how you must feel. I just hope that time will help heal your wounds and you will remember the wonderful times you had together when she was here.

I have been reading down through your previous posts and I love how you write and talk about your family. Thanks for sharing with us all and come back again soon!!!