Thursday, March 13, 2008

8 Things meme

I've been tagged by Nonna @ Nonna's News to give eight things about me that you don't know..

Thanks, Nonna for the tag.. Let's see.....

1. I love hazelnut creamer in my coffee

2. Sometimes(rarely), I eat plain dip potato chips and I use vanilla ice cream for the dip instead of

3. I almost was on the SWAT team on the Houston Police Dept..( Momma stopped

4. I know how to Kayak

5. I went to Columbia Broadcasting School for 2 years

6. When I worked at the Video store in Pasadena,Texas, I caught 4 shoplifters over the course of the 2 years that I was manager.

7. I've been up in a Hot Air Balloon
8. My High school Choir teacher let me take her Cadillac downtown Houston to get supplies for out Choir Show because I was 18 in the 12th grade and could check myself out of school to run errands for
How's that?
and I'm tagging all of my blogroll that would like to participate..
I hope all of you have a blessed day!
and check out the Slow-Cooking Thursday Post I have on My Momma's Cookbook Blog.


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Stephanie,
I enjoyed reading your 8 things Meme. Houston is such a big town and I would never learn to drive in a place like that. LOL. I just did this Meme the other day and I tagged Nonna for it. I went and read your Recipe for the candy. It sounds yummy. I am just amazed at all the recipes that can be cooked in a Slow Cooker. I have never even made a dessert in a Slow Cooker before. Once we get moved and all settled in, I am thinking of using my Slow Cooker alot more. I do need a larger one tho. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Cool 8 things meme! So interesting what has happened in people's lives that don't show up on the blog! I've thought that going up in a Hot Air Balloon would be awesome, but I'm afraid my fear of heights (which has gotten way worse with age!) would keep me sitting in the middle of the basket clenching my knees LOL. Gosh, a little ferris wheel has me shaking anymore, especially when it stops at the top!
Thanks for tagging your blogrollers...I'll take you up on it soon!

Have a sweet day!


KrisinTN said...

Wow, a Hot Air Balloon? I've always wanted to do that. I'm too scared to Kayak.

btw, thanks for visiting my post. I can't imagine not taking a vacation at all last year. Our entire family took vacation last July. It was fun but it feels like forever ago. I hope you get a vacation this year.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Stephanie,

Hmm, I've never tried dipping potato chips in ice cream. Bet the salty and sweet combination would be good.

You've had some adventures kayaking and hot air ballooning.

I enjoyed reading your meme. I'll have to do mine this weekend. Have a great day!



Patti said...

Wow! Very interesting things i've learned about you!

Cheryl Wray said...

Ha ha!!! I LOVED all of your eight things!!!! The ice cream dip cracked me up, and I'm very impressed that you kayak and have been in a hot air balloon (my irrational fear of heights would keep me from that!)

Have a SUPER weekend!!

hippochick said...

You are a truly interesting and fun person. So glad to have met you in blog land. BUT, potato chips and ice cream - ODD!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.