Saturday, March 08, 2008

Drawing for the Basket today!

Okay, Sweet Peeps!
My daughter will draw the winner out of a basket at noon.This has been so fun. I will be announcing the winner this evening.. Good Luck to all of you!

It snowed here yesterday and last night, so we have about 3inches of the white stuff blanketed all over. It's so beautiful. They expect us to have some more, but it is supposed to warm up tomorrow.. So much for Spring Cleaning any today. That will have to
Hope all of you have a wonderful Weekend!
Bunches of hugs!

PS.. That adorable Baby in the picture on my Wednesday Post is not mine. It's just a picture I got in E-maill and I had to share

PSS.. I now have set up a Watkins website of my own.


crazy working mom said...

Someone is going to be very lucky. I guess I missed out again. Drat! :)

We've got snow here too. The sun is shining today. I hope that it melts away today.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Hello Stephanie! I've been enjoying your blog and it's time for me to come out of lurkyland and say Hi! Oh, you've got wonderful! I'm here in Arizona and, well, it'll be about 75 degrees today, so,uh, no snow (except the bit that we saved from last January when we DID get snow --happens every 5 years or so)! However, I wanted to tell you that I have a connection to your part of the world -- my DH and his large family are from New Albany, MS! He tells me that you are about 40 miles north -- we visit every summer and sometimes Christmas (been married 15 years), so I know the countryside and it's beautiful. I love to go to First Monday...maybe in the past, we've actually been there at the same time!

So, hey there, have a great weekend and make a snowball for's real unusual for you to have snow, I know, mostly it's ice storms --- been there for that!

Take care.

Mary said...


Now that you have set up a website of your own, can I purchase directly from you or do I have to go through the other site and use your number? Please let me know.


Love Bears All Things said...

It looks like a Spring Day outside but I am busy sewing. Just took a little break for some nourishment and to rest my back.
Mama Bear