Friday, March 21, 2008

Favorite Ingredients Friday!

I have linked to Overwhelmed With Joy , for her Favorite Ingredients Friday, that she is hosting..

We always have Glazed Ham for Easter... It's our tradition... along with stuffed eggs, greenbeans, creamed potatoes, glazed carrots, and an assortment of delicious dishes..

If you link, you'll see others have their favorites.

and leave a comment for her.She is a great hostess..

Heaven is no Happenstance

Heaven is no happenstance,

As everybody knows.

Prayer leads to paradise;

Passion leads to blows.

Years and years of loving God,

Even when in pain,

And faith in Christ's great sacrifice

Simple hearts sustain.

Those who neither hope nor care

Exist in undisclosed despair,

Reasoning in vain.

Go Here for my Glazed Ham Recipe!

Bunches of hugs!


hippochick said...

Hi Stephanie,

I'm working on my "Ten Things" list. I'll post it tomorrow. Have a wonderful, blessed, happy EAster. We are so blessed.


Babydoll said...

Sounds yummy!! Love the Easter poem!! I hope you have a good holiday. :)

Lapa said...

Diane J. said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! Have a blessed and meaningful Easter holiday, Stephanie.



Lisa said...

Happy Easter to you and your family. The Ham sounds so good. Thanks for sharing another one of your great recipes. Hugs. Lisa

Love Bears All Things said...

We're having Ham, Potato Salad, Slaw and Baked Beans. All of the things will be made today and I will just have to heat the beans after church. This is a tradition with the exception of the year my son returned from deployment when we had a reunion on the Saturday before Easter.
This year the two of us are staying in town which is rare for holidays and we will not be with other family.
Have a great one!
Mama Bear

Denise said...

Blessing this morning girl friend.... have a blessed Easter Sunday and my His light so shine in your hearts that others might see His glory.............


Renie Burghardt said...

We always have glazed ham, as well.

Love the beautiful poem.

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter, Stephanie!

Bunny Hugs,