Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been given 2 awards by Krisin .
Thank you so much for these.. That is so sweet.

I will put them on my blog ..

I would like to pass them on to my blogroll, because they are my favorites..

I just found out that our office will be closed for Good Friday, an the kids will be off school too.. Yipeeeeee!

This is great. It will be like a mini break for me.. I just hope I can do something fun, and not just housework..lol

I was making little goodie Easter baskets for hospice yesterday afternoon. I made 24 of them. They look cute. They have cookies and candy in them. My son informed me that he would love to have some Easter candy and goodies... not necessarily the basket, but I get the picture..lol

It's too bad they are too old for the Easter baskets.. They will be grown before I know it..

The last few years,I've dyed the eggs. They tell me they want to, then we get them half way done, and they abandon me..I think I'll just made stuffed eggs and forget about it..

I hope all of you have a good day..

Bunches of hugs..


Cheryl Wray said...

I say you're NEVER too old for Easter baskets. I still get one from Gary! :-)

What a wonderful idea to do for Hospice!!

Sandra said...

That's a great idea :)

And congratulations on the awards!

deborah wilson said...

I don't think I've seen a dyed easter egg since I was a kid - although some folks still do it.

Nowadays, I use the colored snap-open eggs. I like them because you can put little things in them - like candy, hot wheels, trinkets, a little $, etc.

I hope you have a good day off - just don't do housework!

Nonna said...

Enjoy your mini-break!! I wish I got Friday off! I'm heading to my daughters when I get off work Friday though to spend Easter with them. I have a cute little bunny basket fixed up for my little grandbaby. I can't wait!!

Have a Happy Easter!!

Patti said...

Awwww that is so sweet of you to make those goodie baskets. I wish we still got Good Friday off. I work for a corp. of heathens obviously!

Midlife Mom said...

Been catching up on your posts and love your St. Patricks Day graphic and the joke!!! I'm laughing so hard over that!! Now we're into Easter, I wonder why it's so early this year. I just tried to make reservations for Sunday lunch at our regular restaurant and they are already full! Guess I'll have to cook after all. That is so nice to make those Easter baskets for Hospice! That will bring some sunshine into someone's day. Congratulations on the awards! Thanks for passing them along, they are really cute especially the second one!! I will display them proudly! :o) Have a wonderful Easter! xoxo

Renie Burghardt said...

My grandkids send me an Easter basket, and I still dye some eggs just for the fun of it. Plus I have the pretty Watkins Easter Basket!

Enjoy the long weekend.



Love Bears All Things said...

You know you could do them Easter baskets regardless of the age. I did this as long as my daughter was at home. Use the same basket every year and fill with age appropriate goodies much as you would a stocking at Christmas. Use grass and put in their favorite candy.
My Alabama women's group makes Easter Baskets for CASA each year. It is a fun project. We make some with sugar free candy.
I loved your list!
Mama Bear

Mary said...


I don't think my grandsons will ever be too old for Easter baskets. LOL They are 10 and 12 and still look forward to Easter and Easter baskets.

Love the awards. Thank you so much. I appreciate your friendship.