Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday.. Busy busy

Well, My son is supposed to go to a track meet this afternoon. We hope it won't be rained out..
It's Slow Cooking Thursday, so I have a crock pot recipe on my Watkins Cooking Blog. Check it out.. and Slow Cooking Thursday is hosted by Sandra at Family Corner.. check out all the others recipes too. Soooo good!

Also, Mel has tagged me for the 10 reasons why I blog..

Here are my 10 reasons:

1. To vent and also keep a record of what's going on. I think it will be neat for my kids to look back on..
2. It started out just as a lark, but I really have come to love it.
3. Since I am an independent Watkins Associate, I have blogs about it, and a website that I promote with them.. so I think that helps my business( I hope so, anyway).
4. I love my blogging friends.. We can share and laugh together.. and sometimes cry together..
5. It's fun to meet new bloggers and get different points of views about things.
6. It helps me learn new things about other parts of the country.. the cooking.. the sites etc.
7. I have a blog with My Momma's recipes ( My Momma's Cookbook) on it. I thought it would be a loving tribute to her. I inherited her old cookbook, and I thought it would be neat to put them on a blog in her memory..
8. It's sort of a scrapbook of my life and my family.
9. It helps my family and friends keep up with what we are up to..
10. I guess it helps my writing and spelling

I hope you join in too. I'm supposed to tag some folks, so I am tagging my blog roll. Let me know in your comments if you want to participate.. The more ,the merrier.. Then tag some folks to join in..
Have a great Thursday!
Bunches of hugs!


Patti said...

Good luck to your son at his Track Meet. I hope it doesn't get rained out. I love your blogging reasons. I'm too lazy to join. Sorry.

Susie said...

Great reasons for blogging :)
I'm going to come back later and check out your Mama's recipes.

Michelle said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! Now I'm going to check out your slow cooker recipe; I didn't get a chance to participate this week.

Jenileigh said...

I'm hosting a giveaway if you'd like to participate stop by!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Stephanie,
You forgot to include the tagboard with the names in them. It's supposed to build up the linkages by adding the name of each new tagged person. Well, anyway, no harm done. Thanks for the effort my friend. My instructions were probably not clear enough. That's my mistake. Thanks again for the meme and tag. God bless you and your family always.

hippochick said...

All good reasons. I love blogging too. I feel like I know all my blogging friends personally.

I'll create a list of my own next week.

For now, have a great weekend. Good luck at the track meet.

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE blogging too!!!!

Nonna said...

I love to blog! I'll try to list my reasons why one day this week! Thanks for sharing!