Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween !

We are getting ready for Halloween. My work is having a spirit booth at the Chili Cook-off tomorrow night. We are not making chili at our booth, we are handing out treats and giving away prizes that people draw for at our booth. Others will have the chili booths. Last year and every year before, it has rained.. In sure hope it doesn't this time... Both of my kids have had poison oak , the last couple of days. They are getting better now..Just
I do feel sorry for them. They are covered in calamine and ointment though.. I don't think I will catch it. I believe I would have signs of it by now..

Friday night, my daughter is going trick or treating with her friends, and then she is spending the night at one of their homes. Then, Saturday night, A couple of her friends are supposed to stay overnight with us.. That should be fun.. My son hasn't asked to do anything yet. He may just hand out candy. He's a little too old for the trick or treat. We may do something that evening..We'll see.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Halloween week. We have been very busy.. I like it that way though..
Happy Halloween and bunches of hugs....

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Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, poor kiddo's! Hope their poison ivy/oak is much better.

Happy Halloween, Stephanie!



Old Lady Lincoln said...

Happy Halloween to you also. Yes you do indeed sound very busy.

Patti said...

You have been very busy!! Sounds like a lot of fun things going on though!
Have fun and have a safe and fun halloween!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I hope it doesn't rain - have a Happy Halloween!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Halloween to you and your family Stephanie. I hope you enjoy your Halloween celebrations. I hope your kids get well soon. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

arighter2 said...

Happy Halloween Stephanie! I hope the kids get over the poison oak quickly.