Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Tuesday

I stole( um..borrowed) this idea from ..No... She said I could..really...

Her inspired questions for the day...

~ Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?
I love Fall the best, so I guess this is my favorite.. I love sweater weather, and the colors on the leaves, the smell of apples and pumpkin pie and sweetpotato pies, and Fall Festivals, and Halloween critters... The hayrides and the hot apple cider.. oh, and Of course the candy corn and the caramel apples..and those little peanut butter taffy kisses.. WOW...and Thanksgiving cooking, and the family gathered around.. it's all good, I think.. and the pep rallies and the football games too...

Who is your favorite Disney princess? I would have to say Snow White, because I just love her. and what she was able to do with the dwarfs house.. it was a mess, before she cleaned it and them up.. .. and that glass casket they had her in. That was weird, but when the prince kissed her and woke her up, it was all good... I didn't like that mean queen.... She scared me.. Her voice was so eerie...

~ What's the last book you read? What book are you reading right now?
I read Abide with Me, by Elizabeth Strout. About a preacher that is grieving over the death of his wife and he has a daughter that is going through some problems.It was pretty good.
and I am going to read Help Mom! Hollywood's in My Hamper
by Katharine

~ Name one "presidential" memory (an election you remember as a child, voting for the first time, etc.) I volunteered at the George H.W. Bush campaign headquarters in 1988 and that was so much fun.. I was single then, and I worked all kinds of hours.. It was an experience.I really enjoyed it!

~ What are three things that scare you/freak you out.

1. Being a Mom, I say a little prayer for my kids, that they stay out of trouble and harm everyday..

2. The level of violence in America scares me..

3. I'll get back to you on a third

If you were running for office, what would your campaign slogan be -

If I were running for office, my slogan would be.. Enough with raising the taxes already.

~ Who's your favorite football team? How are they doing this season?

Right now, It's the New England Patriots!

~ Do you have anything particular that you're looking forward to this Fall?
Yes, Halloween carnivals, Harvest Festivals, Thanksgiving.. Hayrides.. etc..

~ Are you craving anything right now?
Since I had some applesauce for breakfast, I'm really not hungry yet.. but I'm thinking about a chef salad for lunch with lots of croutons!

~ What's the last thing that really made you laugh out loud?

an e-mail showing some cute puppy dogs, dressed in Halloweeen Costumes..
Thanks, Cheryl!
join in the Random Tuesday fun if you'd like! Answer all of the questions...answer one of the questions...answer some of the questions. Or just comment Either way, post in the comments or let us know that you're doing it on your blog (so we can come visit you).
Bunches of hugs!
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hippo chick said...

Hi Stephanie,

I love this post and your new page. I plan to do this post after I finish "A week in the life".

I sent your package today.

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE your answers!!!!

Monogram Queen said...

You did VERY GOOD! I love your answers too and I see you love Fall like I do!

Deborah Wilson said...

Good answers!

I'm reading, "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper. I've wanted to read this one for a few years, just never got around to it until now. Speculation at its best! When I'm through I might do a review on my blog...

(ok - I hear everyone laughing..:))

KrisinTN said...

I love the meme, and your new home page design. Beautiful!