Saturday, November 01, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays!

I love Thanksgiving and Christmas ! To me, they are the most joyous time of the year..

November is going to be a busy month. I'm off of work until next Thursday. So far, I'm having a nice vacation..

I have been doing some house cleaning, and My husband and son have gone to mow his daughter's yard for her daughter's Birthday party tomorrow. Kristen and her friend, Kristina are here and Kristina is spending the night and then will go to church with us in the morning and go home with her parents from church.

We are supposed to go to the Mall this afternoon, so that should be fun. My husband's birthday is Tuesday, but he will be in Pennsylvania, so we will probably eat out tonight. It is a beautiful fall day today. You couldn't ask for better weather. I hope all of you are having a blessed weekend..

Bunches of hugs....


Lisa said...

I hope your weekend is just wonderful!
Hugs, Lisa

The Sisters said...

Enjoy your vacation!!

Patti said...

Enjoy your time off! Sounds like your gonna be having lots of fun!

Old Lady Lincoln said...

We had a beautiful Sat. weather wise, here in Ohio, also. Enjoy your time off. I think I have gotten to the point I like Thanksgiving the most of any of the holidays.

Like your new layout.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

Hope you have a great time on your mini vacation. I was off last week and go back today. I had all this stuff I wanted to get done but I had things to come up. lol Love your new look on here. Hope you and yours have a blessed day.

Cheryl Wray said...

I love that picture!!! I also love this time of year. Thanksgiving is always such a joyful time!

Have a great vacation!

hippo chick said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby today.

I'm with you, I love Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am looking forward to both.

~hippo hugs~

Lisa said...

I hope your enjoying your vacation. I love this time of year. I hope you and your family are all doing great. Hugs. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

Just wanted to say that I've started reading your blog. I'm wondering if you have heard about the book, "What Men Don't Tell Women About Business". I heard the guy (Chris Flett) on the Today Show and thought you probably have already heard of him. I'm wondering what your thoughts were. He seems to be really taking on the 'Old Boys Club". I just emailed him, but haven't heard back.

Anyway, keep up the great writing.



Mary said...


Happy Birthday to your husband. I hope he has a wonderful day.

The giveaway package arrived in this morning's mail and it is beautiful. Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway. I love it.


Mary said...

PS Your new look is fantastic.

Monogram Queen said...

I'm anxious to decorate for Thanksgiving now!

Denise said...

Christmas is my time for sure! I decorate the week before Thanksgiving and leave it up till the 3-4 of Jan... Love it..

Blessing to you and your tribute to our great Nation........ I did not vote for Obama but the word of God tells me that I am to pray for those in authority over me....... So pray I will....... We need God to direct his path.......