Sunday, March 15, 2009

Egg Swap Participants...

It's not too late to sign up. The deadline is March 2oth..

Here are the ones that I have the addresses for so far.. If your name is not on here, then I haven't gotten your mailing information yet. I have had a few that commented that they wanted to join, but have not sent me their mailing address( Not the e-mail, the snail

If you want to join in, come on send your mailing address(not e-mail) to me at and MAKE SURE you put EGG SWAP in the subject line. I have found a couple of them, in my spam, with no heading. I'm trying to check both, but that becomes hard when you have a few hundred in spam..

Here's the ones I have the info for :

1. Bettina - Vermont

2.Susan - Jew Jersey

3.Rebekah- Texas

4.Ashley - Arkansas

5.Sherry- New York

6.Mallory - New York

7.Lisa - Ca

8.Pam - North Carolina

9. Samantha - Ca

10. Cindy - Texas

11Deborah - Florida

12Tammy - Va

13.Bonnie - Ca

14.Angie - Utah

15. Kristen - Mississippi

16.Stephanie- Mississippi

okay.... If you don't see your name on here and you sent me an e-mail, then commment here that you are sending me an e-mail and I will look for it..

I would like this to go smoothly..

And if for some reason, that after you get your Swap Partner's name, you cannot send their eggs, PLEASE PLEASE let me know ASAP, so I can make arrangements to get their eggs to them... I want this to be fun, not dissappointing to anyone... I know how it feels to be in a swap and then get nothing back.. It's happened to me a couple of times...

I hope all of you are having a good weekend.. It's Spring break for my kids, so I will sleep an extra 30 minutes because I don't have to get them on the

Have a great week...


Monogram Queen said...

I hope no one disappoints or is disappointed! Good luck with this. It's a wonderful idea!

Lisa said...

Get you spome extra rest and have fun with the swap.Have a Happy St Patty's day.