Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hello, Sweet Peeps!

Well, It got cold again last night but not for long. It's supposed to be in the seventies today.

Our office is Closed Friday and the kids are of of school.Wewill probably be painting the outside of the house ( shutters and framework of our brick house). It looks pretty good. We have the front porch and the carport done. It feels like a new house. Now,if I can just spring clean the inside.
I love a good day, when I don't have to go to work and I can open the windows up and start cleaning the house like crazy. Maybe I can have one of those days this coming weekend. I hope all of you are doing okay. My husband is still looking for a job.. I hope it will be soon.. There comes a time when the reserve runs out, and I think we are nearing that time...lol

I actually think I will take a mini-vacation ( like a two or three day weekend) whenever he starts back to work. The kids will be going to camp. One ,one week and the other the next. I signed my son up for baseball, so we will be going to games a lot.. I actually am ready to go to the games.. I feel sort of cooped up from the winter..

I hope Spring has started for you.. it has for me. Have a blessed week..

Bunches of hugs.....


Susie Homemaker said...

Hi sweetie...
I have missed you. My husband is still out of work too...I know what you mean about the reserves...I am thankful everyday to still have my job.
I hope you get everything on your list wrapped up so you can finally relax...


Patti said...

Spring hasnt made up its mind yet here! LOL We are still having some cool weather. Im so ready for it stay warm! Enjoy your Easter holiday with all your loved ones!

Nancy said...

I know your home must look fresh and clean with the new paint on the trim! They are pressure washing our units this week and next....that will make me feel cleaner! I am working on my guest bath...removed the wallpaper and painted, tore out the floor and now I am laying ceramic tile on the floor. The toilet's been lifted since March 12th! I am slow...can't work as fast as I did 20 years ago! LOL

Moving on to my bathroom after I get this one finished...then on to the kitchen to do the same. Laundry room will be last! I just have that Spring cleaning streak in my soul! LOL

A very Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your family!

((( HUGS )))