Saturday, June 27, 2009

So Sad.....

I'm just checking in from my summer break on blogging.. We have been very busy. Lots of things have been going on. My husband is working. He hardly gets to come home.. It's not the ideal job, but it's a job. The insurance business is as busy, if not busier than usual. I guess people want the assurance, comfort and peace of mind in these times.

This week has been one that our country lost three ICONS..
First, Ed McMahon, then Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson ...

Rest In Peace..

As far as Micheal Jackson and his music, I have always loved his music.. I told my son that I bet his music will break records again,now that he has died.. My son has watched some of his videos on You tube, and he wants some of his CD's now. I bet a lot of people have kids that are saying the same things. It's like a new discovery. I have the VHS of Thriller and the kids now want the CD...

It's been very hot here. I had a tomato plant in that Topsy Turvy contraption, but it died..
My rosebush is doing well though...

I hope all of you are enjoying the summer..
Take care and I'll talk to you later..
Bunches of hugs....


Needled Mom said...

Yep, I read in the paper this a.m. that he will make more money now than if he had lived. So sad to think that way.

It has been a sad week for Hollywood.

Deborah Wilson said...


Yes, it's a sad week indeed. Ed was always Johnny Carson's sidekick - they went together like bacon and eggs. I couldn't imagine Johnny without Ed. I'll always remember his laughter.

Farrah was under-recognized for her work. Most people remember her as one of Charlie's angels and posing in her swimsuit - but her work in movies was more serious. She portrayed abused wife Francine Hughes to the hilt in "The Burning Bed".

Michael - His best album was "Thriller" - with that album he changed pop (and MTV) forever.

I never could moonwalk - and my bet is that nobody will ever be able to do it quite like Michael did.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Stephanie,

I missed you! I don't post often either. Too much other stuff to do.

Yes, sad news about the three celebrity passings this week.

Glad your hubby is working and you're being busy in your job. Hope the kids are enjoying summer.

I just came home from the cabin on the river. It's very hot here as well, but forecast says we'll cool off a bit by tomorrow.

Have a great week.



Cheryl Wray said...

Sydney is absolutely hooked on "Beat It" now. She requests it pretty much whenever we get in the car!! :-)

Hope you're having a great Summer!

Diane said...

Hollywood has indeed taken a huge hit with the losses of those icons. I was a big MJ fan "back in the day". Yes, I can He died such a lonely soul. Is it worth the price they pay to be so famous? Tragedy follows so many celebrities. Sad, very sad.


LZ Blogger said...

I hope you had a great summer and that all is well? ~ jb///