Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wishing the blues would go away..

I have the blahs.. or the holiday blues.. I know it's because of the rain. I have so much to be thankful for, but I have the blues. Why? Is it just something in our chemical makeup?

Our power went out during the night and I woke up late, causing our household to be late for school and for work. After rushing around, the kids in a bad mood, I took the kids to school on my way to work. No coffee until I got to work..ARRRRGH!

Then the rains came through again.. The power is blinking at work. We may not have computers much longer for today.

My kids have these fancy phones where they can set their own alarms, if they would and are both teens. You would think that they would get themselves up! I should make them.. I guess I baby them too much in that respect. and they didn't get breakfast, because we were in such a hurry... They both didn't want it..

Needless to say, my day didn't start in the best way...

Now it's storming.. I hope all of you are getting in the Christmas mood. I sure need to...lol

I have most of my shopping done.. That's a plus!

Merry Christmas and bunches of hugs!


Patti said...

Hoping tomorrow will be a better day for you!

Patty said...

Hope by now the blahs are leaving. Hope when you got home you had power and turned every light on in the kitchen/dining room area and the living room. Just extra lights brightens up a blah mood, sometimes.

It's raining here now, and suppose to turn colder and possibly have snow by morning. So what else is new. LOL

Thank goodness we draw names, so I only have to buy a gift for the name I draw, and the one Abe draws, then of course the Grandkids (5 of them) we usually just give money and tell them to shop after Christmas. Except our one Granddaughter I've ordered her a school hoodie with the school logo. I've also crocheted 31 little Santa stockings and filled them with a book mark I made, two pencils, a Christmas eraser, two small candy canes and two midgee tootsie rolls. I haven't told her, I will run them over to the school the day of their party and surprise her, she's in the 4th. grade, this will probably be the last time she would want me to do something like that. When she was in the second grade I did the same thing, except she took them to school, since she wasn't living with us. But now her Mom and her are living here until her Mom can get on her feet again. She has an ex that doesn't pay child support and moved clear down to Texas.

Well I told them I would pop some corn so they can watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special, I also have to call my Mom, I call her at least once a day, usually wait for evening.

Merry Christmas

Needled Mom said...

Wish I had my sewing done. Oh well, I still have a few days, right?

Yucky weather can really zap my mood too. A little sunshine goes a loooong way.

It did not sound like a good start to your day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

CindyDianne said...

I've had the blues too. I hope we both shake it soon.

Monogram Queen said...

Girl, I feel ya. I have so much to be thankful for yet this unhappiness with work is sucking the very life out of me.
I hope you feel better as the big day approaches :)