Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Big 10" Snow

We did it. We got 10" of snow last week and the school was out that whole week. I don't know if they will get a spring break or not. We'll see. It's snowed again last night but not as much. Here are some photos for you to

Have a wonderful weekend..

Bunches of hugs..


Needled Mom said...

OMGoodness!!! It looks beautiful though.

Biddie said...

That is how my back yard looks right now :(
I am SO ready for spring!

LZ Blogger said...

The most we've had here at one time was 6-8 inches last weekend... but it is still here! ~ j///b

Polish Twins said...

.. super blog ; ))
Beautiful Blog ; **

Unknown said...

All we got was ice last month - and we had a terrible time. A few days ago we got a light 'dusting' and that was it. I don't want to see no more this year, I'm tired of cold weather!