Friday, August 08, 2014

Just call me " Missouri Songbird " now

Yep, I did it.
I just got remarried last month. My husband's name is Jerry and he is my sweetheart. I love him so much. It is a big change living here. I moved and my kids are staying at the home in Falkner, Ms where they grew up. I left my job of 25 years and have started a whole new life... but I am very happy. I do miss everyone, especially my children. They are making their own life now though, as kids that grow up usually do....
I may just write the one blog here instead of the three that I had. I'm no longer selling Watkins, since you can get it at Walmart a lot cheaper...I am a baker at one of the local elementary schools though, so that is what I will be doing.. I love to bake...
Have a blessed week. School starts here on August 17th.

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Patty said...

Congratulations to the new hubby and I forget what we're suppose to say to the new bride. I have heard it's not congratulations, so good luck and happy days ahead for the two of you. We celebrated our 59th. this past July. We didn't have any big party or anything. We did on our 50th. and perhaps we will if we make it to the 60th. LOL We both have some health issues. I'll be 78 in Oct. and Abe will be 80 in Oct.

This summer hasn't been the best one, Abe and our one daughter driving him to and from a doctor in Kettering Ohio in our car, got rear ended while stopped at a traffic light. Neither got any serious problems from the accident. Thank goodness. That was on May 20th.

Then a week later, on a Tuesday, May 27th. my 91 year old Mother and one of my two brothers, was driving, pulled out into on coming traffic, passenger side was hit so hard, my mom died two days later. They had to care flight her to the hospital, after using the jaws of life to remove her from the car, she had a broken neck and server head injuries. Up till that time, she was doing great for her age and her mind was very alert. My brother walked away with a sprained ankle is all. But I can't even begin to imagine what his brain is going through thinking about the accident all the time.

Yes, I try to keep blogging, but I don't get around to all I would like to visit. I am on Facebook, it's faster and sometimes I think easier.

Anyway wishing you the best.