Friday, December 29, 2006

6 Resolutions Every Mom Should Make

Take a deep breath and repeat after me!

1. I will embrace the fact that I'm not perfect.I can be cranky, I can lose my patience, and yes --I can even move the clock ahead an hour just so the kids will go to bed early and give me some peace and quiet. You don't have to bake everything from scratch, sew their clothes out of scraps lying around the house, or coach the softball team. Children don't need me to be perfect. What they really need are reasonable limits, lots of hugs and kisses, and a happy mommy.

2. I will get play with my child every day. (This gets tougher as the kids get older)They need regular face-to-face time with the adults in their lives. And while it can be difficult to get involved in their fantasy world -- especially when you're busy or tired -- it's vital that you do it. Why? Because play is your child's way of expressing himself and your being there, boosts their emotional intelligence.

3. I will take care of my body. When's the last time you put your needs first? Even if you have to force yourself, carve out 30 minutes a day, several days a week, to get some exercise. It improves your mood, blasts fat, and boosts your immune system. And we're not talking spin classes or complicated step aerobics here -- even a simple walk around the neighborhood will do the trick. While you're at it, try to eat a balanced diet and get as much sleep as you possibly can each night.

4. I will learn to love the chaos. Family life is full of unexpected turns,, occasional mishaps, laundry, and more work than you'll ever see an end to. It is also full of moments of beauty, tenderness, and kisses.

5. I will make the family dinner a priority. Sure, it's easier to grab pizza and eat in front of the TV than to arrange a meal at the dinner table. But the food isn't the focus -- the family is. Sitting down with your children each night allows you to connect and talk about your day. And research has found that kids who regularly have dinner with their parents are more likely to do well in school and stay out of trouble.

6. I will remind myself daily that time with my children is precious. Motherhood never ends -- but childhood does. The years are unbelievably brief, and every day that little girl or boy is changing and growing, edging a little closer toward the door. It's everyday moments that count. So stop, pay attention, and make sure you celebrate them every chance you get.

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Cheryl Wray said...

Wonderful post!! I loved it!!
Those are all so true--I also try and play with my children and find time to do family dinners. A challenge sometimes, but worth it!