Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Well, We survived the Christmas get-together yesterday... I was so happy that everything went so well. Everyone was here and we ate on time ( Usually, we're waiting on the late people , which makes the food It was a very nice day, but my feet were so tired last night..The weather was cloudy, and a little cool, but not too cool, to keep people inside.
We had some riding the 4-wheelers, Some walking around the lake.. Plenty of food.. My Bourbon Chicken went over well. Darrell bought a spiral Ham, because party trays are just not
I guess alot of men don't think it's a meal, without the mashed potatoes and meat! I did have enough to send to-go plates for Darrell's Mom, Uncle Willis, Jay( Darrell's now batchelor son) and a few others.

We had 30 people overall.. We borrowed 2 tables and 17 chairs from the church yesterday morning..I was thankful for those.
I had to improvise the table cloths on those ( King size green sheets) They worked well though.

Now, I am getting ready to go to my sister's home this evening. She has the large piano and the fireplace... We'll have some fun...We always do.

I hope that you all have peace and joy in your heart, and that the coming year brings you much happiness. God Bless you all...


Indelibrella said...

Steph, have a beautiful Christmas! I hope 2007 will be everything you hope for. :o)


Anonymous said...

You talkin to me? lol
Same to you Steph.
From pasadena katzendogs.

Cheryl Wray said...

Wow, you had a full house!! Sounds like a wonderful time with wonderful food--the bourbon chicken sounds DIVINE, adn you can't go wrong with mashed potatoes! Yum!!
Hope you are recovering from all the festivities! I'm just starting to get back online and checking everyone's blogs out!!

Miss 1999 said...

Glad to hear that all went well--- I wouldn't have minded having some of that bourbon chicken! Best wishes for a Happy and safe New Year! *hugs*