Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Sweet Dear Momma

I am here, but not really here in mind. My Mom had a severe stroke last Friday afternoon(01/12/07). They found her barely alive in her apartment in Texas that evening.
Momma lives in her own apartment , where other elderly people are too.
My oldest sister, Kathy got a call from the hospital at about 10:30PM Friday night.
The hospital didn't expect momma to make it through the night. Kathy caught a plane to Houston Saturday morning, and My other sister and I and my brother in law took off for texas in the car Saturday morning. My husband stayed behind with the children and his mother came on Sunday to be with the children while He had to leave .Anyway... The prognosis for my sweet Mother is not good.
My mom's stroke was very severe.
My Momma just turned 79 in December. They said that there is a cluster in her brain that has been there since birth, and that it is a miracle that she lived this long. and that usually people that have the cluster of blood cells like she has, would have had a stroke in their 30's or 40's..
The doctors say it is just a matter of days.I am just home from Texas for a couple of days.. .. To take care of some things..
I appreciate all of the prayers and thoughts.
My sisters and I sang to Momma night before last. The doctors said that she would not understand anything that we say, but that the music might soothe her.
I know that Momma heard us. We sang all of the songs that she taught us,that we could think of, softly at her bedside. mostly hymns.This is hardest thing I have ever done in my life.
I was blessed with such and sweet and wonderful Momma.
Please keep us in your prayers. I will write again when I get a chance..



Inamorato said...

I hope that your mom's situation will be resolved without suffering and that the burden in your heart will be lifted. Many thoughts and prayers.

Indelibrella said...

Steph, I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer.

That was a wonderful thing you did, singing to your Mom. I know she heard you and is comforted by the love you all share.

God bless...


rebecca said...

i'm sorry you are going through this. and, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

Bryan said...

Sweetheart I don't know what to say except that your courage and love for your Momma ring loud and clear. Peace to you and your family.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Stephen, Thank you for being there for me to talk to..**hugs**

Kathy, Music is in her soul, and I do believe that she heard us.**hugs**

Rebecca, Thanks so much ,Sweetie for all of the prayers. i feel them..I couldn't make it without them..**hugs**

I don't feel courageous, I feel helpless, so the prayers for peace are needed..Yes, I love her so very much. thanks for the thoughts..**hugs**