Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Count down to having a Teen

Well, I was informed today that one month from today, I will officially have a teenager in the house.
It hardly seems real, but then again, my life has not seemed real for the past couple of months..
My son, Jonah is ready to be a teenager..lol

He was told today by an older boy, that he was going to be on their ballteam this season. The older boy teased him about being on the bench all season.
I hope that it's not true. I signed him up, thinking that he would be on the team with the ones he was on it with, last year.
Maybe the boy was just teasing him. The boy's dad is a coach and he was Jonah's coach in 2001. They were a good little ball team. But now, these boys that he is coaching are mostly 15 year olds.
We'll see ..
They are supposed to have their first practice in a couple of weeks.

It's raining outside. We really need it around here.
I better get off the computer now, because the lights are flickering..
Seems everytime it rains, our power goes off..
Have a good rest of the week.


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Cheryl Wray said...

It is really scary to see that a teenager is moving in!! LOL My oldest was so excited as she approached 13 and, let me tell you, it really has been a joy!! I LOVE teenagers, love the hang outwith her friends, think they are so cool!! The trick is to teach him about boundaries, knowing what he believes in, and picking the right kind of friends.
I hope ball season goes okay!! Hopefully that boy was just teasing him. In ou rpark ball, no one sits the bench. The park is for everyone and coach has to play all players on the field at all times!
Gary is coaching a team that has from 12 to 15 year olds and it has surprisingly been fine.Hope yours will too!!