Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday..A Prayer Request

A fellow blogger needs our prayers.

Her name is Kathy and her husband is Randy.
Please visit her blog and send her good wishes.

She is also Indelibly Blogged on my blog links..

Thanks.. I figure we all are a virtual family.. and prayers always help..



Indelibrella said...

Thank you, are so sweet!

Everything is going to be fine. It's people like you who make life worth living. :o)


Jen said...

She has a beautiful site. I don't have much but.. I can, and will Pray!
You have a nice blog too.

captain corky said...

Thanks for stopping by the log. You have a cool blog too and I plan on visiting in the future. The future starts tomorrow. ;)

LZ Blogger said...

How very nice of you! ~ jb///

Miss 1999 said...

I'll check out her blog-- and most DEFINITELY keep her and her family in my prayers *hugs*