Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank God , It's Friday!

It's been a long week for me... But now that it's Friday, everything seems okay again.. I was looking up songs at for my player on this blog. I found so many. It was so much fun listening to them.I'm going to do that more often. If you want to add Music to your blog, go there. I think I got the link from Miss1999's blog..Thanks Christi!
We went to baseball practice last night.. Most of the kids on Jonah's team are a head taller than he is.. A couple were taller than the coach.... One of them was driving!
Oh, Me....
My son is going to officially be a teenager in 6 days.. It really hit me last night..

He is glad to be on the team that he's on..
Kristen and I were walking the new track and then around the football field, while he practiced.. then we went back to watch more practicing. His first games are tomorrow. The games tomorrow are just jamboree games and won't count. The first game where the score will count will be May 15th.

So I'm getting ready.. Have to have the cooler full of water, sunscreen, sun-visor , skeeter spray, and need to have plenty of change for sunflower

Life is pretty good..
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.....

Bunches of hugs....


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Mz Jackson said...

Hey, thanks for coming by and visiting my blog!
Don't sweat the teenager stuff with your son. I actually am having more fun since the kids have hit their teens. They do have their moody days but on those other days, you can have a lot of fun.