Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lemonade Anyone?

Boy, It's so hot outside..

My daughter went to a birthday party in Memphis with her Aunt.

I met my husband and son up at a local restaurant after church for brunch.. then I had to go to the store. I'm going to make Kristen's Birthday cake this evening. Her birthday is tomorrow. She will be 11 years old..

It just seems like yesteray when I was toting her around in my arms.. My baby is growing up. She go the new Avril Lavigne CD yesterday.. .. I don't really care for this Rock superstar.. Some of the language in her songs is too suggestive. ..We've looked at the videos online on U-tube...Some of her music is very good.. but others are like a Brittany Spears copycat>>>Or maybe Brittany is copying her.. I don't know which came first.. This girl in known all over the world, but I'm just know hearing about

I've been trying to clean out the pool, so we can swim for July 4th.. Now, My son and husband and next door neighbor are out there, doing some of the dirty work... It sure is a pain... but I love to swim..

I hope all of you have a wonderful rest of the weekend..

My daughter & I went to see Evan Almighty the other night.. It's a hoot.. For laughs.. it has them..

Bunches of hugs.....


melanie said...

having a pool in the summer is great! Happy Birthday Kristen!

happy monday steph. HUGs

Crazy Working Mom said...

Avril gets on my nerves 'cause her hair is always in her face. I just wanna put a scrunchie in her hair! *LOL*

My 4 year old likes her new song "Girlfriend".

rebecca said...

i feel the same about avril as crazy working mom! drives me nuts!

hey, that's a great lemonade pitcher picture! i love that idea.