Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Road Trip

My daughter has gone to California with my husband on a trip. They left Saturday Morning and will be back either Saturday or Sunday. She called a little while ago. They were in Los Angeles,Ca. She is excited. She's looking for moviestars..lol

She is taking some photos. I miss her , but I know she is having fun. Jonah and I went to Tupelo to the movie yesterday. We saw the new Harry Potter movie. It's very good. We enjoyed it. Harry and the gang are practically grown now...lol

Well, Nothing much more going on.. I am supposed to be on a break, but every now and then I want to blog a little. When School starts, maybe I'll have some more interesting things to write.. My life seems sort of dull.. but I don't care for the bad kind of excitement, so I'll just thank the Lord above for boring days..

Bunches of hugs and have a good week.

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momsgoneloony said...

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog...I like yours as well. I'll add you to my blogroll shortly!!