Friday, August 17, 2007

Opening Night/ SOLD OUT!

Well, Last night's theatre production of GREASE was SOLD OUT!... They were turning people away and telling them to come back Friday or Saturday or

The kids are having a blast... Jonah did his "chicken dance" at the PROM scene, and they loved it...
The crowd was wonderful. It seemed they got every joke, and funny.
They were even clapping along with the music sometimes.. We are so glad.. It's all come together.. The kids now have the confidence boost they needed to take it on through all of the performances..
I'm tired, but it's fun...I had to run to the store for batteries for the stage crew right after the play started.. They had forgotten to get them...Then, trying to get a parking lot when I came back..It's been a while since I had to parallel park..but I did
They were calling me on the cell phone for a blow by blow of where I was and was I almost back with the batteries..

The pictures that I took during the performance were too dark, so I'll take some before the lights go down..
Well, I wish all of you could come and see
Hope all of you have a great Weekend!
Bunches of hugs....


Indelibrella said...

Sounds like fun! Well, except the batteries part. LOL

Have a great weekend! :o)

Inamorato said...

Obviously, Ripley is starved for culture! Maybe Grease should have an extended run. How about taking it on the road: Blue Mountain, Walnut, even Tupelo? Congrats to Jumpin' Jonah!