Thursday, September 27, 2007

Old Memories

I had posted about this one time, in my old blog, when I first started blogging. I thought I would post it again.. Brings back some memories..

My dad was a Baptist preacher.. We lived in the parsonage until I was 4 years old when my parents split.(yes, he was a preacher, but human, )

Anyway..... The parsonage was right next door to the church and the church had a fenced in cemetary. They let me play inside the fence, because we lived on the highway, so the fence came in handy for a child to have a big yard. A

It was really neat for me .. All the headstones out there, and there were even some that had marble slab with an awning.It was like little play houses in a few places.

Momma said I had imaginary

I wonder if some of those were spirits? .oohhhhhhhhhhh. That would be

I know I have never been afraid of ghosts.... I have wished for ghosts before.Ones from lost loved ones.Wished I could talk to them again..See them smile..... hear them laugh....Get some advise from some of them......

Have been afraid of living folks, but never ghosts.......

Added Note.... I wish I could see my Momma again...Sometimes, I think I feel her watching over me..

I miss you so,Momma


Lisa said...

I enjoyed your post.I tell my kids that to to never be afraid of the dead for they know nothing. Fear the living.I can Imagine playing there as a child, You had alot to Leave to the Imagination:)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Well actually there are no ghosts. They are evil spirits masquerading as ghosts to deceive gullible mortals. Beware of them because they are minions of the devil. We must always seal ourselves with the blood of Jesus so that we will be protected from these evil entities. Thanks for the wonderful post. Smile. God bless and have a nice and ghost free day. *lol*

Cheryl Wray said...

Cool pictures and cool memories.

I know you stillmiss your Momma. I know she watches over you and is with you always as long as your memories stay alive!

hippochick said...

The cemetery pictures make me think of Savannah..."sigh". What a beautiful city.