Monday, October 01, 2007

Daughter-In-Law of New York Politician Found Dead in Phoenix Airport Holding Cell,2933,298638,00.html

This story amazed me... What in the world happened? I guess we will have to wait a while to see about this one..

I've never been arrested or handcuffed, but you better believe I would not try to get out of the handcuffs if I were arrested..
What was she thinking???
This story is freaking me out....

I hope all of you are having a good Monday.. I am..It was a good weekend too..
I have a friend from church that needs a kidney match. Please pray for her..Her name is Vicky.

Bunches of hugs....


rebecca said...

i can't get to the link right now, but i'll definitely try later

:hug: for you and vicky!

Mississippi Songbird said...

Thanks, sweetie

Hope you are feeling better..