Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Random Tuesday...

I got this Random Tuesday from LIFE WITH CHERYL...
Thanks, Cheryl

What provides Instant Happiness to you? What simple pleasure can put a big ole smile across your face? What little thing can just make your day?

Here are some things from me....
: A sweet "I Love you"
: a hug and a kiss
:Happy PM's and e-mail
:Pet pictures
:antique shopping
: garage sales:
:baking for the holidays
:making goodies bags
:shopping for a special gift
:a good song on the radio
:playing basketball with my kids
:Going to the movies with my kids
: Vacation Time
: Going Out To Eat
: knowing God s taking care of me no matter what!

What are some of yours?

Bunches of hugs!


Cheryl Wray said...

Those are all SO great!!!!! I agree on all of them...

LZ Blogger said...

I liked your list so much that I started with it:
: A sweet "I Love you" (YOU BET!)
: a hug and a kiss (WELL SURE!)
:Happy PM's and e-mail (giving & receiving)
:Pet pictures (not so much... NO PETS now)
:antique shopping (future antiques? perhaps)
: garage sales: (OH NO WAY!)
:baking for the holidays (eating only!)
:making goodies bags (ditto above)
:shopping for a special gift (well YEAH!)
:a good song on the radio (harder to find nowadays)
:playing basketball with my kids (playing ANYTHING w/ my kids and grandkids)
:Going to the movies with my kids (& or grandkids)
: Vacation Time (you bet'chya!)
: Going Out To Eat (ALWAYS)
: knowing God IS taking care of me no matter what! (and PERFECTLY!)
~ jb///

Mississippi Songbird said...

Yeah.. Thanks for reading and posting.. We are truely blessed!

icanseeclearlynow said...

this is a great idea for a post. here are a FEW of mine.

Instant Happiness for me:
-my daughter saying i love you before i do
-a hug from my daughter
-a hug from my hubby
-when my hubby tells me i look sexy
-a fragrant burning candle
-when my doggie follows me around
-when a customer at work tells me i'm pleasant
-when my daughters excitedly tell me about their good grades
-reading a nice comment on my blog
-when my hubby washes the dishes (which he does ALL the time, but it always makes me smile)

those a just to name a few. i'll probably make a fuller list on my blog, so thanks!