Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reality of Life

Life isn't just full of happiness,It's sunsets, it's love, it's tears.

It's the thoughts of yesterdays memories,

That can wash away all our fears.

It's that very painful experience,

That each one of us has had.

It's the laughter that fills the air,

It's the tears when you are sad.

It's loving that someone special,

That at one time made you smile.

It's the pain of losing that person,

But the memories that make it worthwhile.

It's that child in every one of us,

Although in time we'll all be old.

It's the good times we'll never forget,

It's the memories we'll always hold.

It's the hug that we all need,

When we'd rather drown in our sorrow.

It's the hope in every one of us,

That makes us hold on for tomorrow.

Copyright © By Stephanie Clark

I needed inspiration and I got it from this poem .

I hope all of your have a blessed day..

Bunches of hugs....


Miss 1999 said...

That is SO VERY true-- Thanks for sharing it (I might have to borry it!)


hippochick said...

I love the brownie plate. Am hoping to do some volunteering at a hospice near me this fall. I just read Carol Kent's "A New Kind of Normal". I think it would bless you.

How did you find me?

::Zissy:: said...

you always know how to make me smile. :)

Hugs, Zissy

ps: added a little video of Kiwi on the beach.

icanseeclearlynow said...

this is such a beautiful poem! it does lift and give us a good reminder. thanks!