Friday, July 18, 2008

Favorite Ingredients Friday (Healthy Edition II ) & The Winner Is.....

Cold Pasta Salad


1 pkg.(16 oz.) farfalle (bow-tie pasta), uncooked
1 cup diced ham or garlic sausage
3 stalks of celery, diced
3 green onions, sliced
1/4 cup diced sweet pickles
1/2 cup grated, or cubed cheddar cheese
2 cups broccoli florets
1 small red onion, thinly sliced
1 medium red pepper, chopped
1 cup halved cherry tomatoes
1/2 cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
1/2 - 3/4 cup Creamy mayonnaise type dressing

Note: use the Basic Creamy Pasta Salad Dressing made with Watkins Snack & Dip Seasoning of your choice .

Directions: Cook macaroni according to package directions, when done drain, place in cold water for a minute and then drain well. Place macaroni in a large bowl, add all other ingredients and enough creamy dressing to coat. Mix well and refrigerate until serving time.

Basic Creamy Pasta Salad Dressing
1/2 cup low fat mayonnaise
1/3 cup low-fat milk
2 tsp vinegar or lemon juice, less if desired

Directions: Whisk together all ingredients until smooth. Place in the fridge for half an hour to allow favors to meld. Serve over assorted salad greens or stir into pasta salad.
Makes about 1 cup

Salad Dressing Tip
Pasta absorbs the dressing so if you are making the salad ahead, use half the dressing and add the remaining half just before serving.
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The Winner of the L'Bri Gift Bag is....................

MsMissys of Michigan.
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~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Stephanie this recipe sounds awesome!!

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The pasta salad looks delicious. I will definitely make that.

Hope your weekend is delightful, just like you.

~hippo hugs~

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Sounds like a nice cool dish for summer! And I love anything pasta!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your inspiring comments. God bless you and your family always.

Midlife Mom said...

Ditto on the YUMMY!!

Renie Burghardt said...

Wow, the pasta looks good in the picture. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Stephanie. It's perfect for a hot summer day.

Congrats to Ms. Missys! I'm sure she is thrilled. I know I was. :-)

Have a great weekend.



crazy working mom said...

This is makin' me hungry! Yummy!!!

Lisa said...

Yummy This sounds delish.Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

Monogram Queen said...

Congratulations on your winner!!!

I might make pasta salad this week.You've inspired me!

KrisinTN said...

The pasta salad recipe looks positively yummy!