Monday, July 21, 2008

Moody Mondays

Since it's Monday and I am moody, I'm doing the Moody monday

Got this from 3 sides of crazy and thought it was cute.. Check out the other answers and Join in if you like..

Have a great Monday!

Moody Mondays #22

This weeks Moody Mondays is Gas Prices and Traveling!

How much is gas per gallon in your area? $3.83 gallon

If you work, how do you get there? Personal vehicle? Public Transportation? Car Pool?
Personal Vehicle
Will you be traveling much or will the cost of gas keep you home? Staying HOME!

Where would you like to go if the cost of gas was lower? The Mountains on Vacation.

Leave a comment and/or post answers in your own blog!

Happy Blogging!


Shannon H. said...

Thank you for playing along today!

I would love to go to the Mountains! Much cooler there :)

Mary said...


I enjoyed your Moody Mondays post. I would also love to go on vacation to the mountains. I love the Smokeys and the Rockies. I've been lucky enough to visit both.

Take care. I hope you are having a fun and restful summer.


For The People said...

I like what I see. Just found your place!

Jenileigh said...

Neat! Have a blessed Monday! I miss ya! I've just been so busy....not much time for blogging. Hugs!

hippochick said...

Hi Stephanie,

We will be going vacation in ten days to the mountains (The Adirondacks). Gas here is $4.19 a gallon at the present. Isn't that terrible? We often wonder how much longer we will be able to afford living in NY.

Thank heavens we don't have to travel to work as we are retired. I am doing a summer program at a nearby library. By the time I travel and figure in taxes, etc. I won't make any money.

I loved the Moody Monday.

~hippo hugs~

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Who would have ever thought I'd be envious of your gas prices when they are still too high? I'm with you on the mountains!